Anticipating carbon-neutrality to 2045. Is it enough?

Portugal is spearheading the energy transition and gearing up for a greener future. But is it enough? That’s the question we bring to the 28th United Nations Climate Summit.

Converting foreign public debt into green investment. Is it enough?

Portugal is converting 12 million euros of Cape Verde’s public foreign debt into local green investment—while committing to go up to 140 million if this cooperation model proves successful. A fair, simple idea that left us with an equally fair, simple question: is it enough?

Increasing Marine Protected Areas to 30%. Is it enough?

Pedra do Valado is a Marine Natural Park created through a unique and innovative collaborative process—a local response to a global problem that nonetheless raises a fundamental question: is it enough?

Running on renewables. Is it enough?

Three new Portuguese projects—Windfloat Atlantic, Alqueva Floating Plant, and Tâmega Gigabattery—supply clean energy to over 480,000 families while saving up to 1.3 million tons of CO2 emissions annually. Three extraordinary technological feats that, nevertheless, raise a deceptively simple question: is it enough?